Joe Miller
Series 1-2
Appeared in 16 episodes
Status Alive
Location Broadchurch
Family Ellie Miller wife

Tom Miller son
Fred Miller son
Lucy Stevens sister-in-law
Oliver Stevens nephew

Actor Matthew Gravelle

Joseph 'Joe' Michael Miller is the husband of Ellie Miller, whom he met through his work as a Paramedic. Ellie and Joe are the parents of Tom Miller and Fred Miller. He was revealed to be the killer of Daniel Latimer in the finale of Series One, whom he had been meeting in secret because he believed himself to be in love with him. Daniel became upset by these meetings and threatened to tell someone prompting Joe to strangle him to death in a violent rage.

Weeks later, after the investigation had been going on for weeks with no leads remaining, he confessed to D.I. Alec Hardy and was arrested. Alec allowed Ellie to see Joe after telling her that Joe was the murderer. Ellie attacked Joe, kicking him several times in the ribcage. Joe pleaded not guilty in court and Ellie's assualt on him became the reason for the removal of his confession from the evidence in court. He was eventually found not guilty by the court, but was later banished from Broadchurch by the townspeople, including the Latimer family and Ellie, as a way to secure justice for Danny's murder in spite of Joe's freedom.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Series 1 Series 2
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