Daniel Latimer
Series 1
Appeared in 5 episodes
Status Deceased
Age 11 (at time of death)
Occupation School Pupil & Paper Boy
Location Broadchurch
Family Mark Latimer father

Beth Latimer mother
Chloe Latimer sister
Elizabeth Latimer sister
Liz Roper grandmother
unnamed grandmother

Actor Oskar McNamara

Daniel "Danny" Latimer (2002-2013) was the son of Beth and Mark Latimer. He was best friends with Tom Miller. He was the victim in the Broadchurch Harbour Cliff Beach Murder. The night of the murder Danny snuck out on his skateboard. The morning after his mother noticed he was gone when he did not attend the sport's day. He was strangled to death by Joe Miller, who had been secretly meeting Danny and believed himself to be 'in love' with the eleven year old boy. Danny became confused and upset by these meetings and threatened to tell someone, prompting Joe to murder Danny. Series One was about finding who killed Danny, which was revealed to be Joe in the finale.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Series 1 Series 2
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